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Marathon - The Joy of Running
The Munich Media Marathon
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By Kai-Uwe Nielsen
Marathon - The Joy of Running
The Munich Media Marathon

In the late 70’ a trendsport from the USA arrived in Europe: Jogging. Many young and elder sportsmen joined this trend and were infected by the „virus of running“. What started in sweatpants and hooded jacket became as time passed by a semiprofessional sport. Soon after the enthusiasts of running discovered the Marathon as the Champions League for runners. The greek original, the run from Marathon to Athens, was early performed during the antique Olympic-Games and is still an Olimpic discipline. From the beginning the jogging fashion trend for boxer, gangsta rapper and youth- and subculture. Therefore the Marathon Runners started to dress themselves as top athletes. The trend created a whole industry: For example the right running shoe is often part of the philosophy of running and a big commercial factor. But on the other hand, it is still the personal fitness and the strength of character or the personal will that makes it possible to get through 42,195 km (26,2 Miles). For many Recreationists the „Full Marathon“ is the climax in their passion for running. More….

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