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By Kai-Uwe Nielsen

Bohemia - Relics and Departure

Springtime in Czech border land

After the „Velvet Revolution“ - the collapse of the Socialism - and the „Velvet Divorce“ - the separation of Slovakia and Czech, Bohemia became with the long borderline to Bavaria an important transit between eastern and western Europe. Bohemia and the Bohemian Forest, western part of the Czech Republic, is characterised by dark, inscrutable forests and hilly landscapes and a sparse population. Its naturalness is still striking although more than 20 years have passed by. The historical connections between Bohemia, Bavaria and Austria go far back and are still detectable through culianrian peculiarities like the love for beer-brewing and pastry. But 48 years of Socialism have left traces. More

Only with a keen eye one can track down those inconspicuous relics of the past, the faded colour of a house wall with old inscriptions from the Socialism or the German occupation. This special situation has left ist mark on the Czech people, like in all countries of the former Warsaw Pact. The departure into the western way of life after those years of commercial abstinence and economical depression was not possible without collateral damages. Scrap cars refitted through expedients by young unemployed young men and retired worker drowning their frustration in alcohol are traceable all over the region. It is pitiful to see those cheapest prostitutes in Europe standing in the mid of nowhere waiting for their clients. But on the other hand there are these young families living in newly renovated refabricated houses with this optimism which derives from the great economical opportunities in Bohemia and the still beautiful nature. It is an inspiring region in the mid of Europe with nice people,  fantastic beers and lovely baroque churches.

Good luck for the future, neighbors!


Bohemia - Relics and Departure
Springtime in Czech
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