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„… The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something and tell what it saw in a plain way. Hundreds of people can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see.
To see clearly, is poetry, prophecy, and religion - all in one.“

John Ruskin (1856)

Dr. Kai-Uwe Nielsen, M.A.

Photographer & Art Historian

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By Kai-Uwe Nielsen

Photography as a passion

The first elemtary action in the concept of creating our world that showed the greatness of God was the deviding of light and darkness, described in the 1st Book of Moshe in the so called Genesis. Here lies one root for the fascination of photography, creating of images by light and shadow. Like many other photographers I started as a schoolboy with this lifefilling passion of creating images by technical means. In the beginning there was only the wish to take impressive pictures of Windsurfing on the Baltic and North Sea. Authentic photographs not this artificially dyed „Kitsch“ produced on Hawaii for international Surf-Mags. But after the disillusionment of the first disappointing attempts it was much more interesting to make portraits of the „village beauties“. The making of images with these perfectly produced SLR and TLR Cameras with their extremely sharp lenses was a great luxury and there was a great competition between the other photographing classmates for the best photograph. But we also discovered soon that it was possible to build up our pocket money by photography. Our teacher, Mr. Arlt,with his traditional German rangefinder-camera and his wideopen lenses for availlable light was not realy amused to see our japanese „highTech-wonders“ working without any knowledge about exposure time, aperture etc.. But we compensated this with the inquisitiveness of the youth. Antonionis inspiring „Blow up“ gave us the feelings and the mood as a guideline for our pictures. But the key moment was in the darkroom-laboratory of my good old high school when in the developer under red safety-light my first portrait started glooming on the white photographic paper. Ever since the creative work in my photographic lab with the smooth and cool sound of jazz music and the low noise of running water and this special smell of chemics is my great delight.

Born and grown up in an nearly by WWII undistroyed beautiful and romantic seaport the old french photographer Eugene Atget with his melancholic pictures of the old Paris became my first hero. He was followed by the German Harald Mante, who taught me in composition. But the real opener the artlessoms by Prof. Jahn and Prof. Zellermann. They showed us the full cosmos of photography as art, advertising, documentation and the relationship between layout and typography.

The passion for photography is still burning and the making my lifelihood with such profession is one of the great gifts. Please follow me into the cosmos of my photographic work. …

Motorshow - Horse Power
How to pimp your ride
Motorshow - Horse Power
How to pimp your ride
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