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professional partners:

please contact me for a special offer and take the benefits of our profond expertise in photography and image sciences:

the photographer:

born 1962 in flensburg - germany

graduation from high school

military services - photographer for special forces

studies in history of art, classical archeology, pre- & protohistoric archeology

m.a. in history of art

fellowship in venice, italy

Dr.phil. in history of art and archeology (PhD)

since 1997 working as freelanced photographer based in Munich, Germany and Flensburg , Germany


full range of photographic services:

● advertising-photography

● people-photography

● fashion-photography

● scientific-photography, editorial assignments

● photographic-documentation, corporate brochures, annual reports

● art/architecture-photography

● videoclips: ad/doc

services in digital and analogous media:

● postproduction for digital media

● high end developing of filmmaterial

● fine art printing

● reprographics

● archiving, digital / analogous


● largeformat view/field cameras 6x9cm up to 4"x5"
with full range of high definition lenses and shutters

● mediumformat single/double reflex cameras 6x4,5cm up to 6x6 cm

with full range of high definition lenses and digital backs

● 35mm SLR/rangefinder high end cameras,
digital/analogous //computer controlled/classical mechanical

with full range of high definition lenses

● special photographic equipement: heavy duty 35mm rangefinder cameras (waterproof and explosion-protected), full mechanical high speed cameras

● high end studio equipement:  photographic lightning technology (high speed strobes e.g.), full range of backdrop technology (front/backpro etc.)

● high end photo lab with all facilities: digital retouching/composing on proofed/calibrated displays

special chemical developing for films (B/W,C41,E6), classical fine art printing (silver-gelatine baryt), fine art plotting on different medias (large formats)

the arthistorian & archaeologist:

member of the VDK - Association of German Arthistorians since 1993

services in art trade and building conservation/preservation

● examination and survey of works of art by scientific methods

● cataloging & documentation of art collections

● art consulting,  private commissions

● valuation of objet d’art

● maintenance of photographic collections

● provenance research by archival & art historical methods

● reports in preservation aspects

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